Tenant FAQ

Application Questions

  • How do I see the inside of your vacant unit?
    In order to see our vacant unit, and it is available for showing, you have to set an appointment with one of the agents to show it to you.  Our showing times are usually between Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, depending on the property.
  • How do I set an appointment to see the vacant unit?
    You may call us during business hours at (310) 679-5284, or you may email us at laviandassociates@gmail.com, stating which property and what time you would like to visit. They will confirm with you which agent will be able to show you the unit.
  • How long are your leases?
    Most of our properties have a one-year minimum lease.
  • Do you accept pets?
    All of our properties have a “No pet; no exception” policy, due to insurance limitations.
  • What other documents must I submit to apply?
    Please refer to our Application Process to obtain a copy of the rental application checklist.
  • I have a bad credit. Will I still be able to qualify?
     We process all applications, but approval are upon landlord’s discretion. Credit score are not fully reflective of an applicant’s financial trustworthiness, so we also ask for paystubs and bank statements to give us broader idea of a person’s financial background. Anything above 650 is preferred, but scores below that can still be considered depending on other circumstances — e.g. higher security deposits, cosigners and guarantors, etc. For more information, please call us at the office.
  • How much income should I be making to qualify?
    Landlords prefer applicants whose aggregate household income is 2.5x the amount of the rent.
  • How soon will I know if I have been approved or not?
    As soon as the landlords return the documents along with their approval/rejection, we will call you.